Meet the PeÑa's

about us

Raymond and Debbie Peña started in the doughnut business as teenagers when they worked for Ray’s mother, Josephine Peña, at her local doughnut shop where Ray was frying doughnuts and Debbie was a cashier. During those years, Raymond knew he wanted to own his own restaurant one day. After being a Houston fire fighter for 20 years, Ray, along with his wife Debbie opened their first Donut Heaven in 1996 in the southeast area of Houston. After opening and selling several locations, the Peña’s opened their newest location on Shadow Creek Parkway in Pearland Texas in 2010. Ray and Debbie enjoy having a business in Pearland because this is where they raised their two sons, Ryan and R.J., and have been a part of the community for more than 30 years. Ryan, who has joined in the operations of the business with the opening of the Shadow Creek location also lives in Pearland and is excited about the prospects of growing the business in Pearland and elsewhere. The Shadow Creek location has expanded the grill to include a full breakfast and lunch. The unique combination of doughnuts and grilled breakfast and lunch items has made Peña’s a customer favorite for 14 years.


Raymond Peña opened the first location in 1996 and is now proud to announce the opening of the third location in Pearland Texas at 11601 Shadow Creek Parkway.


Our mission is the provide a family-friendly establishment. We strive to serve the most fresh, delicious food possible from the highest quality ingredients available.